Birds on wires

Crowdsource your fundraising with combined quiz nights

Set a date for a simultaneous quiz night: it’s a great example of how to crowdsource your fundraising and generate excitement about the event.

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Susan Pearse, Mind Gardener

Brain boost: Susan Pearse from Mind Gardener

In this interview with Susan Pearse from Mind Gardener, you’ll discover some simple, fun and unexpected activities to give you a brain boost.

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Fun Facts: Ready Set Quiz

Fun Facts: New Stuff I Have Learned, Part 2

Being a trivia fan, I keep my eyes out for cool facts all the time. Recently I shared some and got great feedback. Now I’ve compiled Fun Facts part 2.

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Bushfire at Forcett, Tasmania. January 2013. Photo credit: Susanne Schantz.

Fundraising for those in need? Here is a tip to remember.

It’s a familiar and heartwarming scenario: disaster strikes and people come together to assist those who need it most. Even people who don’t know each other. However if you ever feel inspired to stage a public fundraising event, there’s an important thing to remember.

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Ready Set Quiz Geography Trivia: World Map

What’s the big deal about geography trivia?

In a trivia contest, all questions are equal, right? Wrong. Some topics are more popular than others. Geography trivia is one of them. Here’s why.

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Fun Facts: Ready Set Quiz

New facts I’ve learned: Part 1

Ready Set Quiz does a lot of foraging for bright, shiny facts to turn into trivia questions. I’d like to share some new facts I’ve uncovered recently.

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Ready Set Quiz: Just Add Trivia

Just Add Trivia … to your Fundraising Lunch

Fundraising lunches and morning teas are a big hit in the workplace, and among friends. Including a trivia quiz adds a bit of sparkle and fun. Here’s why.

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Ready Set Quiz: Special Theme Trivia Quizzes are available in many flavours

Special theme quiz night ideas that really work

Having a special theme quiz night is a great idea which can generate plenty of excitement and buzz. Here are some ideas that can make your event a success.

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Can you work out this picture? 'Wishing everybody a very happy CaAl from Ready Set Quiz.'

A Very Trivia New Year and a Cryptic Greeting!

From custom trivia quizzes to brutal trivia challenges, Ready Set Quiz has exciting plans for 2013.

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Ready Set Quiz at the AusMumpreneurs National Conference, 2012

Quiz Profile: AusMumpreneurs Conference

It’s great when I get the opportunity to be present when one of my quizzes is featured at an event. I was lucky enough to get this chance over the weekend, at the AusMumpreneurs National Conference organised by Connect2Mums and held in Sydney.

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